About Us

What is The Whole Game? In short, it’s everything that makes sports matter, for better or worse. But that is too simplistic of an answer.

The Whole Game is an independent multimedia platform that dives into the culture, politics, science, and business of sports, regardless of what game is played, who is playing and where. TWG is rooted in the written word; comprising of analysis, commentary, and question-and-answer interviews and longform profiles. It will also provide audio and video commentary, with an eye on appropriate media platforms in the future. While we talk about the major events and figures who command our attention, we aim to put our spotlight on unique stories about athletes, coaches and managers, fans and other participants in the sports world who largely live outside the mainstream purview.

In our growth, we won’t be perfect. Yet as in other arenas in life, we will always strive to be better than we were the day before. We hope to build a great community here at TWG, and we will be grateful if you choose to join us.

Friends, do use a favor. Peep The Whole Game.

Jason Clinkscales
Founder and editor-in-chief

Meet the team

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