One Senator’s Tweet Should Remind Americans That Everyone’s Fair Game

If you needed another reminder of why gun control is out of reach in America, take in whataboutism tweet from Marco Rubio where he criticized… the NBA?

Why Danny Green Missed the Mark With His Comments on Sixers Fans

The thing is, Sixers fans have stuck behind this team, through brutal disappointments and a borderline ridiculous rebuilding process. They’ve been there through thousands of horns blowing, waiting and waiting for their patience and loyalty to be rewarded. For Sixers fans younger than 40, they’re still waiting. But still they come, game after game, year after year.

It’s Time to Give Chris Paul His Roses with the MVP Award

It is an understatement to say that Paul is long overdue to have an MVP award in his trophy case. Could this year finally be the year when he gets his just due? We know that he is not one of the five best players in the NBA at this stage of his career, but few impact the game in the way that he does.