The Olympics is Failing in the Fight for Racial Justice

Instead of acts of hate and prejudice admonished throughout the world, the IOC decided to punch down towards all of the oppressed, marginalized groups fighting for their lives. It chose to condemn them for resisting at all.

The Unsurprising (Relative) Silence About the Canucks’ COVID Outbreak

Perhaps this is yours truly being cynical of the cynics, but many of those who were quite vocal about their displeasure about sports pushing forward last summer and fall seem rather quiet right now about what’s going on with the Canucks.

What Would An All African-American WBC Team Look Like?

Picture this: a 2021 version of an WBC-style African-American All-Star team. As the new year settles into the box, here’s a look at what would be one of hell of a modern day barnstorming team.

Witness to An Unusual Super Bowl

One of the healthcare workers who attended Super Bowl LV reflected upon her experience as the game capped off a challenging NFL season due to COVID-19.